To obtain a first degree in any of the disciplines in the University of Calabar, a student must take and pass all the General Studies courses offered by the Centre for General Studies and Communication Skills.

Currently, there are seven (7) such courses: Use of English and Communication Skills I, Use of English and Communication Skills II, Citizenship Education, Philosophy and Logic, History and Philosophy of Science, Introduction to Computers and Computer Applications.

The first five courses are offered to students in their first year of study both UME and Direct entry students including CES students. The next two are offered in the second year of study.

Each course carries two (2) credit hours. To graduate therefore, a student is required to successfully complete fourteen credit hours of General Studies courses.

For direct entry students, the requirement for first year and second year students equally apply to them for, although they gain admission into the second year class, their year of admission remains their first in the system.

Whenever, in doubt, students are strongly advised to seek the counsel of their academic advisers, who are appointed by departments to guide them.

In addition to Academic advisers, there is a coordinator appointed by the Director for each General Studies course. Students are advised to seek clarification from the appropriate Co-ordinator on, or solutions to any problem which they might encounter in any GSS Course.

Any problem which a Co-ordinator cannot handle is normally brought to the attention of the Director of the Centre.